Thomas Humphrey Williams


Born in Michigan. Raised in Bucks County, PA..

Began selling my photographs to shops in 1969.

Graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Speech Communications, 1989.

  • Overseas project work in Puerto Rico ('79-'81), India ('87-'95) and Haiti ('89-'90)

  • Technical Training Manager, ExecuTrain, 1991-96

  • Import/Export INCOTERMS Instructor 1997-98

  • Sr. Consultant, Cambridge Technology 1998-2001

  • Training and CS Manager, Air Cargo 2003-04

  • Training and Implementation Consultant, 2005-09

  • Sr. Technical Support, Verizon Enterprise 2009-15

  • ES&S electionware and MD State BOE elections technical trainer, Adecco 2016

  • Photographer, 1969-2016   Completed photography assignments in most North American cities and San Juan, London, Manchester, Edinburg, Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, Kolkatta, Dehli, Mumbai, Singapore, Auckland, Seoul and Copenhagen.